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Rose Gold Nura Teardrop Mix Link Long Earrings Diamond Monica Vinader mM6vfU
Rose Gold Nura Teardrop Mix Link Long Earrings Diamond Monica Vinader
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College of Health Solutions

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the optimal solution according to our customer's requirements and usage. Please feel free to consult with us.


Facilities that give uncompromising attention to mission-critical operation

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Support for advancing the businesses of our customers


Carrier-neutral data centers

Facilities that provide uncompromised attention to mission-critical operations

Facility systems with seismically-isolated structures that are safe and secure

AT TOKYO's data centers ensure highly-dependable power supply with multiplexed power supply systems and reliable redundant facilities. They are fully prepared for the effects of a wide range of environmental disasters with incoming power that uses underground cables, and power sources with UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). For worst-case scenarios, they are equipped with high-speed recovery systems that are resistant to vibration, using EG's (emergency generators) which are required as a pre-requisite for data center selection by many customers. With the combination of strong, solid site selection with seismically-isolated structures achieving the highest safety rank after undergoing earthquake risk analysis by a world-class risk management company, we have achieved the creation of data centers that are highly resistant to any operational shutdown.

Highly-reliable supply of electricity

AT TOKYO's data centers ensure a highly-dependable power supply with multiplexed power supply systems and reliable redundant facilities. Incoming power is received via underground cables and multiple routes, and are not subject to risk factors such as lightning strike or similar. Even in worst-case scenarios, a steady power supply is available via onsite EG's (emergency generators).

Robust buildings

After undergoing earthquake risk analysis by the world-class risk management company "ABS Consulting: EQE Japan Division", AT TOKYO's data centers have attained the highest PML ranking. With this world-leading strength of core buildings, we can safely support the continuous operation of the customer's business and vital information assets.

A world-leading level of security

Consisting of 24-hour, 365-day monitoring of all buildings by guards and central monitoring systems as well as multiple security mechanisms, we maintain a secure environment with the highest level of technology and know-how in terms of both hardware and software. Based on the principle that only the highest levels of information security is the foundation for continued customer trust, we have acquired certification for the Information Security Management System (ISMS) Conformity Assessment System (not applicable to some sites), as well as PrivacyMark qualifications.

View related information (Message from Electrical Equipment Group Representative)

Operational know-how and the strength of an independent business

AT TOKYO's successful record of performance in addressing the needs of customers from a variety of business fields has been accumulated during operation and management of a wide range of data center infrastructures. If you are unsure about the management and operation of the server infrastructure within your own company, if you feel you are lacking the technical staff needed, if you have quality-related concerns about matters such as security, networks, or air conditioning management, or if you just wish to manage and operate your server infrastructure more effectively so you can focus on your core business, contact us to see how you can safely entrust those matters to AT TOKYO's professional experts. We also carry out regular training to hone and improve our technical skills with test emergency scenarios, ensuring that we are able to provide the highest levels of support , and hence successfully achieve superior mission-critical operations.


AT TOKYO's backbone is connected to multiple carriers and onsite IX via a stable and redundant platform. Our network design allows us to provide constant Internet connectivity even during component malfunctions or during maintenance of the host ISP, and utilises in-house equipment for all components, including all premises wiring. Our environment enables quick response times even in the worst-case scenarios, and is able to successfully sustain zero-downtime operation.

In depth knowledge and secure operation

AT TOKYO's professional data center experts can provide support for a wide variety of operations, from monitoring and management of servers and other IT devices, through monitoring work being carried out in our data centers on the customer's behalf, and up to remote hands operations.For more details, please contact us to find out how we can provide you with individualised solutions.

The strengths of an independent business and of our people

Our people are the core resource that sustain our data centers. How should unexpected events within a data center be handled? The ability to handle emergency response involves building up real on-the-job experiences, and to then remember and build upon those skills learned. AT TOKYO's specialists from architecture, electrical engineering, networking, and various other disciplines, acquire, accumulate, and fully apply their knowledge on a daily basis to ensure continuous operations aimed at zero downtime. This is the source of our strength as an independent business.

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Achieving business growth for customers with "DC in DC"

Customers can entrust AT TOKYO with the total infrastructure of data centers that they need to operate. We can carry out facility operation (e.g. patrols, equipment monitoring and vendor calls, monitoring of internal environments including power supplies, temperature, humidity, equipment inspections/maintenance), security operation (e.g. access management, key/ID card management, log management), and in-room operations (e.g. device installation, relocation, additional component installation, and component replacement, as well as escorting vendors, etc, proxy Help Desk/Call Center operation, cabling, storage of possessions, etc.). We also can prepare reporting in accordance with your needs, and can give support for government related procedures and audits. We can support the entire operation of your data center.

Flexible scalability

Business environments are subject to significant change that can cause challenges in making capacity planning predictions, and so flexible scalability for data centers is essential. With its Chuo Center, boasting a total floor area that is amongst the largest facilities in the world, AT TOKYO's data centers allow for a range of highly-flexible relocation and expansion options for your business.

DC within DC

Customers are able to entrust AT TOKYO with their data center infrastructure and operations. We will take over the responsibility for the data centers that they manage. While we of course offer facility operations, security operations, and in-room operations, we also provide support in accordance with customer needs that include preparation of reports, as assistance to address government-related procedures and audits.

Redundant configuration, and prediction of risks

All equipment in AT TOKYO's data centers, including the power supply systems and networks, are set up with the intention of providing fully redundant routes (2N). This allows us to pursue the goal of zero downtime by placing the highest priority on the continued operation of customer assets within our centers. This is delivered by the adoption of flexible equipment design that takes in to account the need for required maintenance windows and replacement of large-scale equipment and devices. Viewed as an infrastructure sustaining essential systems that cannot tolerate ANY system downtime, these designs support the mission-critical businesses of our customers.

Carrier-neutral, vendor-neutral

"Carrier-neutral, vendor-neutral". AT TOKYO data centers have no restrictions on the tenancy of telecommunications carriers. We provide an environment, including lead-in communications cables where over 20 telecommunications providers, including overseas carriers, can be freely accessed. We have also achieved high accessibility via an undersea cable network that enables us to function as a worldwide communications hub.

List of Carriers with Available Connections

List of Carriers with Network POP Installations

List of Carriers with Incoming Cable Lines

Service Descriptions

We offer a wide variety of services to meet the demands of our customers that begins with a focus on basic data center services.If you would like to find out more information or have any questions regarding data centers or datacenter services, please refer to our service descriptions or feel free to contact us.

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Read feedback from some of the employees who work to support our data centers as they speak about the commitment of our teams to the services we provide to our customers.

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Like most people whose executions have raised questions of torture, Jones is no longer alive to explain his experience. But there is reason to believe that there will be others who live to describe it. “Between the country’s aging death row population and the difficulty of finding reliable drugs, it seems inevitable that there might be more failed executions,” says Denno. Broom wrote about his own ordeal in a self-published, which described the painful punctures and the nightmares that followed. For Campbell, Stebbins says, “Obviously it was a very traumatic experience for him to be brought into the execution chambers, strapped to a gurney and have people attempt to gain access. He’s had a very hard time with that psychologically and struggles with it still today.”

Doyle Hamm’s witnesses, including family and defense counsel, wait to go into the execution chamber on Feb. 22, 2018.

Photo: Jack Royer/CBS 42 News

After the examination, Harcourt posted a brief update on his website. “Thursday night’s execution was worse than anticipated,” he wrote. Medical personnel “almost certainly punctured Doyle’s bladder, because he was urinating blood for the next day.” The amount of gushing blood also raised the possibility that his femoral artery has been struck. Hamm had “multiple puncture wounds on the ankles, calf, and right groin area.” In an especiallyunnerving detail, one participant“twice insisted” he keep trying to gain access throughHamm’s groin, even after the execution had been called off.

Harcourt was particularly disturbed by the wounds on Hamm’s right groin, which he saw firsthand. The state’s own doctor had warned of abnormal lymph nodes there– yet they stuck him repeatedly in that precise place, he said. “What is that about?”

As Harcourt awaits Heath’s official findings, a hearing has been scheduled for March 6. “I think it’s going to be an opportunity for the parties and the court to take stock of what happened and figure out a process to go forward,” Harcourt said. He will continue to fight for the disclosure of notes and other materials from the execution. In the meantime, he is still processing what he calls a“surreal, mind-boggling, traumatizing experience.” It was more than torture, he said. “It was a “wrongful execution.”

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